Virtual Panel: "Can We Talk?" feat. Burnt-Out Wife's Sara Juli

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Virtual Panel: "Can We Talk?" feat. Burnt-Out Wife's Sara Juli

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Can we talk? Just like Sara Juli, the theater/comedy/performance/dance artist bringing Burnt-Out Wife, her perplexed, revealing, and hilarious account of her struggling marriage coming to the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center in August. She’s been talking about her personal life onstage for over 20 years.

“Of course, as an artist, any problem I have, I make a piece about it,” Juli said from Falmouth, Maine. Around 2018, she looked up from her and her husband’s life tending to their two daughters, their careers, etc. etc., and asked herself ‘Wait a minute, why am I so unhappy?’

“I said to my husband ‘I need to make this piece’,” Juli says. “He looked at me and said ‘do I have a choice?’

“No, not really.”

Which makes Juli the perfect person to talk about the questions she raises in Burnt-Out Wife – and that so many women ask themselves. We’ll be sitting down (virtually speaking) to talk with Juli, marriage/family/sex therapist Nubia Santos, and Florida International University women’s studies professor Victoria Burns about conundrums like: What do I want? Did I know what I was getting into when I said I’d spend the rest of my life with this person? Am I happy? Is this my fault? Is this the only kind of family we can have? How do I talk about this stuff?

Chime in, or just listen. Juli is, after all, completely open. “Wouldn’t it be healthier for our culture to move towards communication and openness and choice?” she says.

It appears so. Though the pandemic delayed the tour of Burnt-Out Wife for over a year, it was great for Juli’s marriage. “We were headed into tricky territory, but last year we weren’t running, traveling, doing our own thing,” she says. “We were just hanging out. So we’ve been doing the work and it’s making a difference.”

Hear how in our virtual panel from 7:30 to 8:30pm on Wednesday July 21, live on the Center’s Facebook page. Click here for tickets to the August 6 to 8 shows of Burnt-Out Wife in the SMDCAC Lab Theater.