FREE Body Electrics Community Class

SMDCAC Presents

FREE Body Electrics Community Class

Led by Adele Myers and Dancers

We are sorry we missed you. This event is past date.
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Dance Rehearsal Studio
Free Admission; RSVP Required

Align your heart, spine and mind with Body Electrics, a feel good holistic body practice ideal for dancers and non-dancers alike. Body Electrics is a 60-minute guided physical meditation led by dance artist-in-residence at SMDCAC, Adele Myers, blending basic principles from yoga, pilates and other movement-based practices that simultaneously calms, focuses, and invigorates the mind and body. What makes this body practice unique is that participants are never being watched or asked to memorize a sequence. In Body Electrics, a rigorous use of the imagination activates energetic impulses and pathways to guide any and every body into a physical and mental balance between effort and ease. All moving bodies are welcome.

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