An Intimate Evening of Ballet

SMDCAC Presents

An Intimate Evening of Ballet

Dimensions Dance Theatre Miami

Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami

Juanita y Alicia


Dimensions Dance Theatre
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Dimensions Dance Theatre
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Dimensions Dance Theatre

We are sorry we missed you. This event is past date.
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Lab Theater
$45 Matinee tickets; $100 fundraising reception + performance tickets (March 4, 7:30 performance only)*

Enjoy an intimate dance experience with the electric artists of Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami as they team up with three generations of local Latin American choreographers and literally "stretch" their own limits. Choreography by Yanis Pikieris, Douglas Gawriljuk, and Ariel Rose (courtesy of Miami City Ballet), including insightful commentary on the evolving creative process by each of the choreographers.

*$100 tickets available for a special fundraising reception + performance on Saturday, March 4 at 7:30pm.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the company and join a select group of dance lovers. All proceeds from this evening will go to support Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami.

Concerto for Gamelan
Choreography: Yanis Pikieris
Composer: Lou Harrison

Choreography: Ariel Rose
Composers: Aleksey Igudesman, Alexander Balanescu, and Alex Baranowski

Entre Dos
Choreography: Douglas Gawriljuk
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

Zheng Concerto
Choreography: Yanis Pikieris
Composer: Tan Dun

Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami
Founded by former Miami City Ballet Principal Couple, Carlos Guerra and Jennifer Kronenberg, Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami debuted to critical acclaim in November 2016 as a brand new, cutting edge ballet company. The troupe continues to garner recognition for theirprofound energy and electricity, offering audiences a fresh, innovative, and diverse ballet experience. Primarily comprised of local artists, the company, its cultural programming, and its collaborative pursuits are unique in their distinct reflection of South Florida.

"A hale and hearty ballet company has just been born in South Florida" - Guillermo Perez, ArtBurst Miami
"Miami needs more caliber dance voices and the potential of Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami offers just that"
- Cameron Basden, Miami ArtZine
"The excitement in the house was almost palpable. It was matched — and propelled — by the energy on stage."
- Jordan Levin, Miami Herald

All patrons entering the theater must have a ticket regardless of age. This includes infants and children.