Dance Talk: Swing Out

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Dance Talk: Swing Out


Dance Talk: Swing out
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Dance Talk: Swing out

Swing Out Dance Talk Recording

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Our next Dance Talk explores the wild spirit and boundless creativity of America’s most irrepressible social dance, via the folks behind Sw!ng Out!, the rollicking swing dance and music show that romps into the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center on March 26. We Zoomed in with the dancers and musician who make up the creative “brain trust” behind Sw!ng Out, who take their art seriously – but never forget the fun. “Sw!ng Out wants you to go whoo and applaud,” says Caleb Teicher, the uber talented tap, modern and swing dancer/choreographer who put together the project with dancers he’d known for years. “We’re an aspirational look at Lindy Hop in the present and the future.”

In our conversation, Teicher and crew reveal what keeps this exuberant, jazz-driven dance so popular – turns out there are avid swing dance communities all over the world – and how the Lindy Hop (what we think of when we think of swing) has changed since its origins in 1920’s Harlem dance clubs, back when jazz was music for dancing. We got into how partnering has become more accepting and gender fluid. Bandleader/composer Eyal Vilner, who heads the 10-piece band that does so much to make Sw!ng Out so exciting, talks about the tight, live connection between musicians and dancers. And Teicher and crew got into how they manage their unique blend of choreographed sequences and the improvisation that makes the Lindy Hop so exhilarating in its natural habitat of parties and clubs. Which the audience can experience in the second part of the show, when they’ll be invited to dance onstage, in the aisles, and anywhere the spirit (and the music) moves you.

Our Dance Talk with Sw!ng Out! Goes live on the SMDCAC Facebook page at 7pm at on Wednesday March 16. Join us then and anytime up until the performance at 8 p.m. on Saturday March 26th; tickets at