Dance Talk: Pilobolus

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Dance Talk: Pilobolus

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Don’t miss one of our most exciting Dance Talks yet, with the co-artistic directors of Pilobolus, one of the most captivating, game-changing groups in dance, as it heads to the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center for their Big 5-0! 50th anniversary tour. If you’re among the millions who’ve marveled at Pilobolus’s mind-bending Shadowland, been enchanted by their playful multimedia collaborations with the likes of indie pop stars OKGo or the MIT Robotics Laboratory, or spellbound by their fantastically imaginative onstage explorations of the creative possibilities of the human body, you’ll want to join us.

Moderator Jordan Levin sat down for a (virtual) beer and animated conversation with Renee Jaworski and Matt Kent, the brilliant former Pilobolus dancers who keep the troupe true to its radical roots while pushing it into new creative territory. They talked about Pilobolus’s rambunctious, unconventional origins at Dartmouth College in the late 60s, when a group of untrained iconoclasts created a new kind of dance theater. How collaboration drives Pilobolus, whether it’s dancers playing a central role in choreographing pieces, or partnerships with geniuses like Where the Wild Things Are author Maurice Sendak or Pulitzer Prize winning Maus graphic artist Art Speigelman. How Renee and Matt choose dancers for the company’s unique, live-in creative community in a small Connecticut village. About the dances you’ll see at the Center, from riveting early works by Pilobolus’s founders to a behind-the-scenes exploration of the magic behind their famous shadow dance work, which debuted on the Oscars in 2009. And how they keep Pilobolus’s boundary-pushing creative flame alive.

The Pilobolus Dance Talk with moderator Jordan Levin and co-artistic directors Renee Jawarski and Matt Kent goes live on the SMDCAC Facebook page this Thursday, Feb. 17 at 7pm. We hope it'll inspire you to join us, and the ever-young, 50-year-old Pilobolus, at the SMDCAC at 8pm on Saturday, Feb. 26th.