Part-time Theater Crew - Head Carpenter/Fly Person

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The Dennis C. Moss Cultural Arts Center


5 years or greater professional stagecraft / theatrical carpentry experience and expertise, including set construction, counterweight system operation, and stage rigging. ETCP certified preferred.

Experience as a head or assistant stage carpenter with the ability to demonstrate Strong leadership managing typical load in / load out and show running crews of 4-24 IATSE and non IATSE stagehands is a must.


Supervise all crews for load-in, set up, operation and load-out of all stage productions.

The head carpenter/fly person supervises all departmental heads and department crews during all work/maintenance calls while serving as the show carpenter and fly person as necessary.

Operating and maintaining all theatre rigging and carpentry systems and related areas.

Operating, repairing, and maintaining all stage equipment. Including but not limited to counterweight system, fly lines, rigging systems, and winch motors.

Maintaining inventory control of tools and expendables

The Head Carpenter / Fly person works with the Theater Production Manager Head Electrician, and Head Audio/Video Technician discussing the daily schedule to determine safest and most efficient use of crew and resources to produce events hosted at The Moss Center.

Crossing over departmental lines to assist in the areas of lighting, projection, video, fly rail, properties, and audio is a must for a well-rounded member of the house crew.
The position requires managerial skills to lead, oversee and work as a team with all employees and presenters of the The Moss Center.

Compensation: Based on current rates of the IATSE local 500 contract.

Interested parties should submit a letter of introduction and resume via email to:
Joyce FlemingĀ

Closing Date: 
Sunday, January 1, 2023