Part-time Administrative Officer 2

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Assists an administrative division head in carrying out various administrative activities; reviews and controls procurement processes by maintaining relationships with county central purchasing, reviewing purchase requisitions, assuring availability of funds for expenditures, and writing specifications for capital equipment. 

Discusses changes in budget formats with county budget officials; provides departmental officials with budget histories and pertinent information on forecasts; conducts training sessions for divisional personnel and consults on budget development and review; reviews divisional budgets and develops and complete required narratives; combines information into the departmental budget document. 

Periodically analyzes budget status by monitoring monthly expenditure reports; prepares and processes transactions, periodic adjustments, and transfers; supervises maintenance of inventory controls. 

Supervises departmental fiscal activities; approves payments for invoices for completed work by assuring compliance with contract terms, laws, rules, and regulations; approves journal entries and adjustments prepared by subordinates; explains variations in expense projections to superiors; supervises accounts established for reimbursement from state and federal sources.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree. One year of professional administrative experience is required

Job Type: 20 hours weekly to start

All interested candidates will need to contact WorkSquare at 888.815.9994 or visit their website at

Closing Date: 
Friday, October 1, 2021