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Educational outreach is the cornerstone of the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center’s mission. Hundreds of students and teachers have already experienced the special master classes and free performances made available by SMDCAC. Make sure that your school doesn’t miss these culturally-rich experiences. If you are a student, teacher, parent or school administrator be sure that your name is on our list to ensure that you’re aware of the following great opportunities:

For more information contact the Center's Education and Outreach Manager: Annie Hoffman, 786.573.5319 or

  • Each season schools and community groups are offered the opportunity to experience free or very reduced cost live cultural programming at SMDCAC.

  • Student workshops are a great way to engage students in a small group master class experience with a number of the nation’s most exciting artists. These artists have the ability to lead a three day or a shorter one hour curriculm of artistic workshops for your students or group. Workshops are held at SMDCAC’s campus. With prior notice, workshops can also be arranged at your school. We’ll work together to ensure you receive the highest quality artistic programming.

  • Performance guides offer “extra credit” experience right from your computer. Use the performance guide before the show to enrich your theater going experience. Teachers, use the sample lesson plans to supplement your classroom activities. Students, find out about other resources that will further inform your theater going experience and might introduce a new concept.




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Going to the Show introduces young audiences to a first-time theater experience and explains what to expect when attending a live theater, dance or musical performance.